How DWI Lawyers deal with a Suspended License

26 Feb

If you are charged with a DWI violation, and your license gets suspended, then your DWI attorney can help you go through the process of dealing with the DMV.

When a police officer charges you with DWI violations, then he will conduct a blood or urine test on you.  Once the blood or urine is extracted it will be taken to the lab to determine alcohol levels in your system, and if it exceeds the level allowed for driving, then your license will be recommended for suspension by the police officer to the DMV.

Once the request is receive by the DMV, they will send you notification of the suspension.  Once you receive a notice of suspension, it is important that you contact a DWI attorney from immediately so that he can request a hearing on your behalf.  After receiving the suspension notice, your lawyer only has 15 days to file a request for a hearing with the DMV.

You may experience a situation where you don't have a temporary license in your possession and you are stopped by a police officer, after you have filed a request for a DMV hearing.  If the officer will look at his computer, it will reveal that you have already requested a hearing from the DMV.  If he still writes you a ticket for driving on a suspended license, then you will to bring it to your DWI attorney who can easily take care of it.   If you are arrested for the same charge, that is, driving with a suspended license, then you can file a case against the DMV for not posting the hearing request into the computer.

Before the DMV hearing, your DWI attorney will invite you for a consultation.  In this consultation, your attorney will go over the police report with you in detail and discuss if you need to appear at the hearing or not.  Other issues that the attorney will discuss with you are the different options regarding whether to void the suspension, or to stipulate to the suspension in order to receive a work permit.   This is a one-to-one consolation where your DWI will discuss other important matters with you. To read more about the qualities of a good criminal attorney, visit

Insurance companies should not cancel your insurance coverage until your DWI guilt is established.  A conviction would mean cancelled insurance coverage, or higher rates of payment.

It is not only alcohol influence that are arrested by police officers but also drug influence.  There are thousands of arrests made on these charges too.  These charges are serious ones but you can still be defended by good DWI defense criminal attorney who has years of experience in this area of the law. Read about the chances of winning dmv hearing here.

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